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Orikomi brand was created in November 2013 and is based on developing products? that blend origami techniques with lighting.
Orikomi products, inspired by clean lines and geometric shapes, are carefully handcrafted using high quality paper with a wide variety of colors. These pieces are all conceived and produced by the architectural studio – blaanc in Lisbon, Portugal.
The brand follows the principle that design should be economic and affordable, but also perfectionist and ambitious, especially considering the importance of lighting to guarantee quality in interior spaces. Orikomi lamps, as highly recyclable products that promote the use of energy-saving lamps, make a statement as an ?alternative lighting solution with low impact on the environment but with a high impact aesthetically.

Since its creation Orikomi sells worldwide, through several shops with the largest volume of sales taking place in Europe and in countries such as USA and Australia. Orikomi has already been featured in several websites, blogs and international magazines.?
You're most welcome to join us on the journey.

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