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Studio Mikabarr is a textile and print design studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The studio, by Mika Barr, develops and creates unique 3D textiles and textile - based products in various printing techniques, for fashion and interiors (life style).

Mika works in collaboration with companies and designers, and can provide her special designs and fabrics in various quantities, from few, hand made pieces, through small series production to massive production - according to the company's needs.

The working process, which is done with matter, with hands, brings surprises that lead sometimes to revelations during the research.
Inspiration derives from nature, from the city, and from different structures - natural and man made.

Along with developing 3D folding fabrics, the studio also has a growing line of products for home, that can be found in selected boutiques in Israel, Europe and North America (more to come…).

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